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SEAT Air-Con Care Package

In Singapore's demanding climate, your SEAT's air conditioning system requires meticulous care to remain pristine and efficient.

SEAT Aircon Package

Air-con Care Package

In Singapore's hot and humid climate, your vehicle's air-con system needs regular servicing and cleaning to keep it free from foul odour and potential health hazards resulting from the build-up of bacteria, mould or fungus. Plus, a well-functioning air-con will help your car to operate optimally and have better fuel economy.

With our new Air-con Care Packages, we provide you with the solutions to create a healthier and fresher environment in your car. For more details on the various packages, please see below or approach one of our Service Advisors.

Basic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
$50 nett$142 nett$240 nett
Standard air-con cleaningStandard air-con cleaning
Evaporator system cleaning
Standard air-con cleaning
Evaporator system cleaning 
Vacuuming of air-con gas and topping up of gas

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