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SEAT 360 Packages

Enhance your SEAT's shine with our 360 Packages, offering comprehensive detailing and protective coatings. Keep your ride looking sleek and pristine with ease.

SEAT 360 Packages

Exclusive offers on our ceramic coating packages

Over time, harsh environmental conditions may cause your car to lose its lustre and glossiness. With our 360 Packages, you can protect your vehicle's paintwork against pollutants and enhance its overall shine.

Our 360 Packages uses a strong, ceramic coating that gives your SEAT long-lasting durability against weathering and deterioration.

It minimises damage to your car's paintwork, giving an ultra-glossy finish that is hydrophobic and chemical resistant.

With this smooth surface, you can easily clean your car, removing difficult stains like mud, dirt, and bird droppings effortlessly.

360 Basic360 Complete360 Shield
$328 (U.P $405)
$408 (U.P $505)$640 (U.P $800)
Lasts up to 1 yearLasts up to 1 yearLasts up to 1 year
Easy cleaningEasy cleaningEasy cleaning
Enhance glossEnhance glossEnhance gloss
Rapid water repellentRapid water repellentRapid water repellent
UV & corrosion resistantUV & corrosion resistantUV & corrosion resistant

Conditioning of leather seatsChemical & abraison resistant

Higher durability

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